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Electronic Discovery

Electronic Discovery is a constantly evolving facet of litigation, and one that has the potential to equip attorneys with a host of information that doesn’t exist within traditional discovery. While some trial teams see Electronic Discovery as a challenge, Rosen LTC sees it as a tremendous opportunity to find information that does not exist in the paper discovery world. Through extracting text and metadata from electronically stored information (ESI) trial teams have the ability to easily locate and review a tremendous amount of information that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

Rosen LTC seeks to streamline the electronic discovery process and incorporate all forms of evidence into a central review system. Our team combines scanned paper documents with electronically stored information such as email, word documents, spreadsheets and presentations into a central review system that allows trial teams to instantly search and locate key information.

  • Identify: Locate ESI and create a data map to accurately document discovery procedures

  • Preserve: Secure ESI in a forensically secure manner if necessary

  • Process: Generate non-editable images of ESI, extract text and relevant metadata from files to create a searchable database

  • Review: Generate a searchable review tool that can be shared by the entire trial team

  • Produce: Produce the proper documents to opposing counsel with an accurate privilege log. Additionally, create documentation of process to present to the court in case of discovery inquiries.

  • Present: Utilize state of the art trial presentation software to efficiently manage the ESI during presentation in court

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