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On-Site Litigation Support Services

Rosen LTC trial technicians travel nationwide to assist attorneys with evidence presentation at trial. We offer years of experience and countless hours of in-court support utilizing InData TrialDirector and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software. Our seasoned techs are more than familiar with the long hours and intense pace of trial, and are prepared to deal with the unpredictability that litigation brings.

Demonstrative Graphics and Animations

Develop the crucial issues of your case into compelling visual presentations. Graphic illustrations of your key points make a lasting impression to jurors, judges, mediators and arbitrators.

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Document Scanning & Database Consulting

Transform records storage boxes full of printed documents into an easily managed, searchable database. Save countless hours in preparation for and at trial by having all of your documents at your fingertips, digitally.

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Trial Presentation Systems

Our innovative barcode-based retrieval system allows attorneys to easily access all documents, images, graphics, animations and video instantly. Additionally, dependable trial presentation equipment allows attorneys to stay focused on the trial, not on technical issues.

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Synchronized Deposition Video

Introducing a powerful tool for managing and presenting deposition testimony at trial. By synchronizing videotaped depositions with their official transcripts, RosenLTC provides a powerful tool for impeachment, refreshing a witness recollection, or delivering testimony when a witness is unavailable for trial.

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